Semiconductor Processing Equipment

ASM Pacific Technology Ltd was founded in 1975. Listed in Hong Kong since 1989 (ASMPT). ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. Is 52.59% owned by ASM International N.V- a NASDAQ listed supplier of wafer processing equipment.

They are the world’s largest supplier of assembly and packaging equipment for Semiconductor and LED industries. They also manufacture Etched and stamped lead frames,

ASM equipment is used by chip manufacturers, independent IC assembly houses and consumer electronics manufacturers.  Some of the end products used in production of:




Micro SD Cards


Camera Lens Mounting

ASM offers a whole range of products in Semiconductor industry depending on the nature of customer’s applications.

Die Attach:




(Also known as Die Mount or Die Bond) is the process of attaching the semicon chip to the die pad or die cavity of the support structure (e.g., the lead frame) of the semiconductor package.

Gold Wire Ball Bonding:

Connecting Wire: Au, Cu, Al

PCB, Ceramic, Organic Substrate, lead frame

Die: Brain of the device

Silver epoxy

Wire bonding, is the process of providing electrical connection between the silicon chip and the external leads of the semiconductor device using very fine bonding wires. The wire used in wire bonding is usually made either of gold (Au) or aluminum (Al), although There are two common wire bonding processes: Au ball bonding and Al wedge bonding.

Wedge Bonding:




Copper Bonding:




Copper wire bonding is starting to gain a foothold in the semiconductor manufacturing industry

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