Ultrasonic Welding Machines

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH + Co KG was founded in 1961 in Karlsbad, Germany and is a pioneer in the field of Ultrasonic welding technology. The world leader in ultrasonic welding machines, Herrmann is a brand that is trusted across industries such as Automotive, Hygiene, Medical, Food, Electronics and Consumer Goods.

With a team of specialized application engineers, Herrmann is able to provide recommendations for product design, offer trails at various locations including India and also provide training at their facility in Germany for customers whenever required.

Current product offerings include:

  • HiQ Series Table top welding machines in different configurations
  • HSG – Hand Welding Gun
  • ULTRALINE – Custom built welding stations that are built using one or several sonotrodes
  • Ultrasonic Actuators – Welding components for Special Purpose Machine Builders who want to integrate a foolproof and high quality ultrasonic welding process into their machines.

For more information, visit: http://www.herrmannultraschall.com