About Us

In 1982, six separate sales agencies came together with the idea of United Marketing serving the Indian manufacturing sector and founded Unimark as a partnership firm. What started with the head office in Bengaluru and a branch office in Mumbai is today spread over five cities and activity centres all over the country.

Today, in its second generation, Unimark on the backing of a very solid foundation looks to continue and improve on the work and effort that has been put in to bring it thus far. With 25+ people currently in our organisation, we are spread across five locations in India. Our primary services include sales and service of capital equipment that are used across a number of processes and industries. All the companies that we represent are the best in their business which makes the need to have a well qualified and motivated support staff for all the equipment we sell.

With over eight service technicians spread across the country, we are well setup to service the remotest locations where our machines are installed. From Jammu to Colombo and from Rajkot to Dhaka, we have machines running successfully across the length and breadth of the South Asian continent.

Being a small organisation, we are not bound by bureaucratic rules and procedures yet have stable systems in place to ensure that our customers are provided the same level of services that customers across the world get.