Manufacturing Execution Systems

BMS Vision bvba, Belgium was established in 2007 as a breakaway from the Barco Group. They are the world’s leading supplier of general Manufacturing Execution Systems that are widely used across the Pharma, Textile and Plastics Industries. Unimark represents BMS Vision’s products for the Plastics Industry only.

Their products include:

  1. Energy Master
    EnergyMaster maps the energy consumption (electricity, gas, steam, water, compressed air, …) in the plant. The integration of these energy parameters with other MES applications, such as scheduling and machine monitoring, provides a perfect insight in the relation between energy consumption and production
  2. PlantMaster
    BMS’s leading MES system for discrete manufacturing, PlantMaster monitors and synchronizes manufacturing activities from independent operations to globally distributed plants. PlantMaster is designed to seamlessly integrate with the company’s ERP system.Using the Microsoft Windows® operating system and ORACLE® database, PlantMaster offers a collaborative suite of application modules. PlantMaster meets the needs of specific manufacturing environments such as plastic processing, engineering and assembly operations.

    The result is a powerful and flexible management tool providing managers with real-time visibility on all Key Performance Indicators (KPI), enabling them to achieve operational excellence and rapidly respond to changing conditions.

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