Precision Temperature Control

TOOL-TEMP is Europe’s leading provider of industrial temperature control products and systems.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities in Sulgen, Switzerland, TOOL-TEMP manufactures a wide range of high quality temperature control units, chillers and ancillary products. The company specialises in providing precision temperature control for applications where a circulating medium is the appropriate solution. These include plastics injection moulding, die casting, cosmetics and food and beverage manufacturing operations.


Unimark works with Tool-Temp Asia Pte Ltd based in Singapore, where they have a warehouse and most models are kept in stock for quick delivery. Together, we ensure timely delivery of spares and equipment to customers across India.

Tool-Temp equipment are used in the following processes

  1. Injection Moulding
  2. Extrusion – Plastics & Rubber
  3. Rubber Mixing
  4. Die casting
  5. Soap Manufacturing
  6. Chemical reactors





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