Steel Wire Processing

EVG based in Austria is a company specialising in the development and construction of machines and systems for processing steel wire and reinforcing steel. Their range of machinery includes welding equipment with varying levels of automation for the production of:

  • Fine mesh
  • Light mesh
  • Industrial mesh
  • Reinforcing steel mesh 
  • Gratings
  • Girders, spacers and other reinforcing elements. 

The group also make automatic stirrup benders, straighteners for processing reinforcing steel and wire cold-rolling lines that meet the highest technological and commercial demands. 

EVG are a pioneering company in such machines, having started making machines since early 1950s. All system components and auxiliary equipment are designed to satisfy customers’ specific requirements and stand out, thanks to superior product quality, unbeatable reliability and remarkable longevity. 

EVG also have the know-how to provide customers with consultancy services for constructing turnkey facilities and optimising logistics, material management and production control. Research and continuous development of new products are at the core of their success. 

One significant competitive advantage they enjoy is the cooperation with their group companies, AVI, BSTG, Marienhütte and H+S Zauntechnik, which support them in the development of new products and in testing.

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