The Automotive Industry in India is one of the primary drivers of the economy and among the fastest growing in the world. With the increased use of plastics in vehicles today, there is tremendous opportunity for machinery suppliers to be part of the automotive growth story in India. We are also able to support companies who supply plastic parts to automotive companies or part suppliers with the following products.

  1. Machining centres for plastics & composites by HG Grimme Systech GmbH, Germany.
  2. Injection moulding machines upto 500 tons clamping force made by Arburg GmbH, Germany.
  3. Vacuum dryers & Gravimetric material blenders from Maguire Products Inc, USA. 
  4. Mould temperature controllers from Tool-Temp AG, Switzerland.
  5. Material granulators & recycling systems from Wanner Technik GmbH, Germany.
  6. Ultrasonic welding machines from Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH, Germany.
  7. Mould cavity monitoring systems by Priamus System Technologies AG, Switzerland for precise sequential valve gating control, balancing of hot runners and process control.
  8. Manufacturing Execution Systems for large moulding shops by BMS Vision bvba, Belgium.

Machining Centre to make helmets