The requirements of components for the electronics industry have become increasingly complex and wide-ranging.

With our solutions, wide variety of functional items can be produced – smart phone assembly components, microelectronics, housings with a decorated surface and hybrid connectors to sensors comprising several components.

Example of some of the applications:

  1. Smart phone camera assembly modules

Complete camera module assembly systems for smart phone and cameras used in automotive and security cameras are offered by ASM Pacific. Some of the solutions can be seen through the link: http://www.asmpacific.com/en/application/cis

Mobile phone chargers need Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, which is made by Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH, Germany

2.. Sensors and Switches

High precision injection moulding machines from from Arburg GmbH, Germany. Special machines are also available for such applications. Watch video of sensor production from this link: https://www.arburg.com/en/products-and-services/injection-moulding/injection-moulded-parts/sensor/

Ultrasonic welding equipment from Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH, Germany.

Mould cavity monitoring systems by Priamus System Technologies AG, Switzerland for precise control of the injection moulding process to produce super precision parts.

Range of auxiliary equipment for injection moulding process.

  1. Cables

For the automatic over moulding of inserts, a range of vertical Arburg ALLROUNDER can be used. Compact production cell around such machines with handling of the flexible cables can be done, including robotic systems, if required. Manual preparation and insertion are rendered superfluous. More information can be seen in the link below: